Children will be challenged according to their potentials and build a character to be honest, with obligations to the society, and sensitive to environmental issues in the world and surroundings. They will be immersed in a social language environment in Chinese, English and Spanish.
A Kindergarten to develop well rounded citizens with a global view…
Kindergarten offers an International Stream and a Local Stream
We promote a reading culture through our graded reading scheme...
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Address NO.3, Jin Rong Li, Chan Cheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China 
Telephone 0757-8290 5259
Fax 0757-8203 1592


  Hope International Kindergarten site is allotted Lot 13b within a 1.5 million square meters-multi billion dollars development of Shui On Land, namely岭南天地.

This development is next to the Ancestral Temple "祖廟" which consists of million dollar homes, 5 stars hotel, International restaurants, pubs and shopping area.

  Lot 13b measures 5,521 square meters includes a Pawn Shop which is a protected structure for our access


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