Sport and Arts

  • Sport

Physical growth is an important element in a child's whole development. 
We offer a diversified and safe environment, as well as specially designed physical activities for our children. Professional expert will lead yoga exercises for children. Children learn to stretch and develop gross muscles. Our children will not only effectively enhance their body movement but at the same time, children's self esteem, social skills and language skills will have a balanced development. 

  • Music

K2 and K3 children will learn to play the violin and drum set during music lessons. Children develop ryhthm thourgh playing djembe and perceusion. These activities expend children's view in different cultures.

Extra Curricular Activities

In order to complement our kindergarten's in-school programme and extend our children capacity to learn, we provide an after- school programme for them to excavate and promote their potential and the intelligent development.

  • Artistic programme -  Drawing, Handicraft, Playdough
  • Music programme -  Children Choir, Children Dance, Percussion Class,  Piano class 
  • Physical programme - Bodily Kinesthetic Activity, Soccer, In-line skating 
  • Language programme - Chinese Reading Fun, Cambridge Young Learners English, Trinity Guildhall Acting & Speech class, English Rhyme, English Storytelling
  • Mathematic programme - Logical Mathematics game, Olympics  Mathematics 
  • Technology programme - Building Lego 
  • Primary one Transition Course
  • Parent-Child Toddler Course