The campus Design will meet the provincial highest quality school premises requirement in Quangdong provinces (省一級) which consists of at least 17 classrooms equipped with school hall, function rooms, covered playground, outdoor playground, dining hall, kitchen and other supporting facilities.

Innovative State of the Art Premises is based on the ancient Chinese notion of “Earth is square; heaven is spherical” (天圓地方) concept and complimented by the virtue of Chinese education philosophy 建校有賴木石,治學若修雲水

Kindergarten Contractor and Designer is jointly designed by Shui On Land Limited, an established property developer in Hong Kong and PRC together with Mr. Thomas Chow of Thomas Chow Architects Ltd. Mr. Thomas Chow has won many highly acclaimed awards given by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.


• The campus on Lot 13b measures 5,400 square meters (excluding Pawn Shop).