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Orin's Parents

     As a parent, we always hope to prepare our children the best that we can for the life ahead of them. We prepare them for a variety of life experiences, hoping that they will come out on top, steadfast and confident in their achievements. About a year ago, I was preparing to move my family from our home country of Israel to China. Orin had never experienced life in a different country. Her native language, Hebrew, was the only form of communication that she was familiar with. I knew that her future in China would be challenging, as learning a new language and adapting to a new culture is not always an easy transition.  

     When we found HOPE International Kindergarten, my husband and I were both nervous and excited to see how Orin would be shaped by her surroundings and experiences. We watched our excited and happy little girl grow to be very shy and quiet. There was no doubt, she was trying to find her place in this new country, with new friends, and new faces. Orin immediately fell attached to her teacher, Gary. He was absolutely amazing to her. Although she didn't understand Gary at first, she would quickly grow to admire him as a friend and a teacher. She would come home every day talking about how much she liked him; thus, ensuring my husband and me that Orin would soon be finding herself amongst her peers. 

     After one month, our shy and quiet Orin had disappeared and we began to see our confident and expressive sweet child again. Something in her had come alive! She now had a confidence that we had never seen before. She couldn't stop speaking in English and singing songs while at home. Another amazing thing has happened at HOPE though. She also has learned to speak Chinese. I knew that English would be a part of her life at some point, as we are taught English in Israel when we enter the 3rd grade. But, I never imagined my daughter to speak and understand bits of three languages this young. It really amazes me to see her communicate with both her international friends in different languages. She has adapted to her environment better than we could have ever expected and we really are two very proud parents.

     Furthermore, without HOPE International Kindergarten, we wouldn't have found an opportunity for Orin to excel as quickly as she has. They have provided a great learning environment that unites all of the international children. It is really a great thing to see and we couldn't be happier with the progress and achievement that we have seen from our daughter.